From Peer-to-Peer, to Friend-to-Friend

The U2Hub has been running since April 2003. That is 11 years of U2Bootleg Sharing.
Back in the “old days” it was a big group of enthusiastic fans that joined, more then 100 each week. Sometimes just to have a peak of what it was, and a lot simply found it to difficult, or to slow, or to cumbersome, or simply not safe enough. Others found their way to new formats like torrents and or exotic places like usenet. Now this many years later it is time to re-activate all those people who think that u2 bootleg file sharing community is fun and should always be available. That is is nice to talk about or chat about as they call it nowadays, to write about, to be fanatic in.

The U2Hub as it is running now has those features, you can chat, you can share. But it is slowly becoming obsolete. Safety is an issue. Management is an issue. Complexity is an issue.

Now that I have moved to a different part of the world, and life has changed a bit for me it has become impossible to self manage the hub, this is one of the reasons I am handing control back to you. And yes I realize that if this does not kick of, it is either back to the old fashioned way of “Direct Connect” or stop the whole effort. I think though that when you read a bit further this might not be so.

August 2014
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